On May 21st, 2015, General John “Jack” Keane (retired) testified to Congress that the U.S. is not only failing against the Islamic State, the U.S. is losing the war against them:

Maybe you think (in the parlance of the unhinged left) that George W. Bush is a knuckle-dragging troglodyte Christofascist Bible-humping Rethuglican numbskull and that he was 100% wrong for deciding to invade Iraq to remove the dictator Saddam Hussein.

Maybe you think the U.S. is responsible for the creation of ISIS.

So stipulated, for discussion’s sake, anyway.

The problem with that line of thought/reasoning is this: it does nothing – zero, zip, nada, goose egg, bupkis – to address the present crisis in Syria/Iraq, vis-à-vis, The Islamic State.

General Colin Powell is credited with coining the phrase, “You break it, you own it”, in the context of removing Saddam Hussein/being responsible for Iraq.

In life (which, I’ve been told, isn’t fair), you don’t get to play the hand you want, you play the hand you’ve been dealt.

President Obama could have kept a residual force of U.S. military and diplomatic personnel in Iraq, as a stabilizing entity, similar to what was done with Germany and Japan after World War II (he’d have to endure the hue and cry of ‘imperialism’ and such from his progressive base, of course.)

But he didn’t. He cut and run. For political reasons. To throw red meat to his far left base. Because this is close to the core of his being, as a man of the far left. And this is why, à la Colin Powell, Obama owns the current clusterfark that is the Islamic State.

Obama’s decision is difficult, but simple: He can either choose to fight the enemy in their backyard, or he’ll  allow the enemy to bring the battle here, on American soil.

Most Americans are right sick of war, and I certainly don’t want to see any attacks here on American soil (God forbid), but if one were to occur, the political calculus will change accordingly.