Marshall 7-11-15
Since Donald Trump glided down that golden escalator in Trump Tower in 2015 to announce his candidacy for president, folks in Right Wing Infotainment smelled an opportunity and heard the ‘CHA-CHING!’ of the cash register.
Accordingly, FOX News, talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and a swarm of web sites like Breitbart, Gateway Pundit and The Federalist saw Trump as the goose that lays the golden eggs in the form of ratings and revenue, clicks and cash.
What’s the secret sauce of Right Wing Infotainment?
Put another way: What is the business model of Right Wing Infotainment?
Noted Stanford economist and commentator Thomas Sowell sums it up nicely:
“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”
To sell pillows, gold, nutritional supplements, survival food kits, weight loss potions, erectile dysfunction medications, baldness cures and catheters, Right Wing Infotainment’s business model is to confirm their audience’s biases, tickle their ears, and tell them what they want to hear.
Left Wing Infotainment does something very similar, but that’s for another post.
One of Right Wing Infotainment’s more shameful (and shameless) figures is former White House employee and current pro-Trump talk radio host Sebastian Gorka.
Case in point: Sebastian Gorka used to speak in glowing terms about President Trump’s former Secretary of Defense, Marine general James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis.
But then Mattis committed the unforgivable sin in Trumpworld of writing a commentary that was critical of Trump.
So Gorka, knowing his paycheck depends on him telling his pro-Trump audience what they want to hear, obliged with a scathing commentary of Mattis.
Does Gorka believe the critical words he wrote about Mattis?
I don’t know Gorka’s heart, but noted conservative author, speaker and commentator Jonah Goldberg recounts the times he’s been in the green room at FOX News, chatting with Republican congressmen and others who’ve told him off-camera that they loathe Donald Trump and hate what he’s doing to the Republican Party, but then when these same folks get in front of the camera, the put on the red MAGA hat and sing Trump’s praises.
For many in Right Wing Infotainment, being pro-Trump is a shtick, a gig that enables them to keep their jobs in front of the camera or behind the microphone or keyboard.
Gorka’s motivations and actions are aptly described by Miles’ Law:
‘Where you stand depends on where you sit.’
(Hat tip to Erick Erickson for the combined tweets/images).
Sebastian Gorka Four - MEME - Mashup - 6-9-20


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