I don’t know who will win the Presidency in November 2020.
But right now, Trump’s polling in battleground states are bad news for him.
Additionally, Trump’s national favorable numbers continue their slide while his unfavorable numbers head north.
Trump - RCP Approval Disapproval Numbers - 6-25-20
South Dakota Republican Senator John Thune can read the polls, too.
That is why Thune has called on Trump to use a different tone than the current divisive and combative one that comes natural to him.
Thune knows Trump is good with his rock-solid base of the mostly pale, male and frail.
But Thune also recognizes that if Trump is to have a chance at winning in November 2020, it is essential for him to broaden his appeal to swing, moderate and undecided voters in battleground states.
Thune went on to say that Trump would benefit from using a more empathetic tone.
Senator John Thune Trump change tone empathetic - 6-25-20
Is Trump capable of doing this?
Elements of Trump’s reelection campaign (Jared, Ivanka, others) will put empathetic sounding words into Trump’s teleprompter.
Trump would read them in his now familiar bloodless, monotone style that reveals the most inauthentic of all the Trumps: Telepromptered Trump.
But just as the sun always rises in the East, Trump would revert to Real Trump, the Trump that habitually manically Tweetstorms attacks on his enemies (real and imagined) in the middle of the night while America sleeps.
Senator Thune can read the polls and understand what they mean for Trump’s reelection campaign; the question is: Can President Trump?



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