Can The Main Stream Media Be Shamed Into Covering A Legitimate Story?

CNN’s Jake Tapper is attempting to drag CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, etc. kicking and scratching to cover a real story.

Will Tapper’s reporting shame the main stream media to cover a legitimate – even explosive – story of how ObamaCare was jammed down the American people’s throats by deception, trickery, and rhetorical sleight of hand?

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure: much of the media have abdicated their intended role of ‘speaking truth to power’, because now they *are* ‘the power’, in association with a political party and president that many in their number identify with and are sympathetic with.

If a Republican ends up being elected president in 2016, you can bet your bottom dollar that the media will undergo an immediate transformation from their current status of lap dogs to attack dogs.


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