Leftist Media’s Favorite General Advocates “Segregation” for “Radicalized” Enemies of the Country:

General Wesley Clark, a favorite, ‘go-to’ source of military-related commentary and opinion for left-wing media outlets like MSNBC, seems to be making a somewhat surprising recommendation to “segregate” for “the duration of the conflict” for “radicalized” people who becomes enemies of the country, adding that “we are at war”.

Clark has since gone to Twitter to say he’s not advocating World War II-style internment camps.

Consider my spidey-senses tingling on hearing such language. While a government’s primary duty is to protect the people, much mischief and the erosion of civil rights happen when a government does what General Clark appears to be recommending.

For particularly egregious examples of such behavior, look no further that progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson in World War I, and progressive Democrat Franklin Roosevelt in World War II (remember the Japanese internment camps?).


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